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Lebanon is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, which weighs heavily on the poorest Lebanese families, exacerbating social crises and leading sometimes to security chaos, drifts towards drugs, extremism and societal violence. This situation also threatens a large segment of youth who have dropped out of school, either to work and help their parents, or due to their inability to pay school fees. 

The Lebanese National Bloc Party seeks parliamentary endorsement of “Afaal, a bill draft law proposed by former MP Robert Fadel in 2014now a member of the Executive Committee of the party. The party is reviving this draft today to help the families living under the extreme poverty line in an attempt to lift them from this vicious circle. 

AFAAL provides every individual or family composed of the parents and a maximum of 3 children with one third of the minimum wage as a financial aid, and 11% further for every additional child. However, these funds are conditional to children’s school enrolment and to vocational training of the breadwinner in case of lack of other work skills.  

This proposal paves the way for around 235,000 citizens to move out of extreme poverty, and establishes a new kind of national affiliation rather than partisanship. 


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